Proudly supporting

Those who protect and serve

“Our goal is to continuously give first responders and their families the necessary support to ensure their safety and success in the communities they serve.”

What we do

Our mission

Since 1941, the Dickey family has taken pride in serving slow-smoked barbecue in their local communities. Today, the Dickey family and its family of restaurants takes pride in serving those who serve our communities such as, firefighters, EMTs, frontline medical workers and law enforcement.

This evolution in community involvement and civic stewardship is The Dickey Foundation. The foundation, enthusiastically led by Maurine Dickey, supports local law enforcement, firefighters and their families. The foundation is national, yet the support is intensely local — benefiting law enforcement and firefighters who put their lives on the line every day, serving the public. This is a way for Dickey’s Barbecue to serve in return.

The Dickey Foundation also creates partnerships between law enforcement and communities that are crucial in orchestrating crime reduction programs and initiatives.


The foundation indirectly serves by providing educational programs to the public that will enhance safety, build career awareness, encourage volunteer opportunities and provide funds to enhance these services.